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1994 Lotus Esprit S4

Interior Mods
Lotus/Nardi steering wheel
JVC Chameleon CD Head Unit
Andy Whittaker datalogger

Drivetrain/Suspension Mods
Lotus Esprit V8 shifter
Reversed translator to shorten the throw.

Best Track Time
Engine Mods
Modified S4s 330HP Chip
Magnecor 8.5mm wires

Intake Mods
K&N filter

Exhaust Mods
Neil Mickelwright exhaust
ECBPV removed

Fuel System Mods

Owning a Lotus has been a dream of mine for close to 15 years now. I always said I would own one but never really thought it would ever come to light. Well, it did. I am the proud owner of a beautiful Lotus. For the complete Lotus story, check out the Lotus Saga Page. I also have a Lotus History Page that I will periodically update.

So what is a Lotus like you ask? Well, my opinion I biased as I love the car but it truly is amazing. Simply amazing. As you walk up to it, you realize it is something not of this world. It really does look the part of the exotic. Open the door and the interior is absolutely wonderful. Supple leather all over the place... I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE! Dash, seats, wheel, everything is leather. What isn't leather is carbon fiber... at least in the model/year I have. Getting in is like putting on a glove and that is how it fits you. I like it just fine but to some it can be considered cramped or difficult to get in and out. Once you are in though, all your woes fade. The seats are extremely comfortable with an almost perfect driving position. The pedals are very close together but I found it quite comfortable. The dash is full of gauges which are small and somewhat difficult to read, but you get used to it. It looks great. The wheel and shifter are within perfect reach. Turning the key brings the beast to life. Nice, lopey enginewith a meaty sound for a 4 cylinder. On the road the car rides extremely nice. IN fact, for an exotic supercar known for handling, the ride was surprising to me, how smooth it really was. I had the pleasure of riding in a friends 2001 C5 Corvette and, surprisingly, my Lotus rides just as nice. As far as speed go, the car is pretty quick. Actually, much faster than I anticipated. Turbo lag is not very noticeable to me but when it hits, you know it as the car just rockets through the RPMs. Before you know it, you are going 100MPH and yet you have no idea how you got there. Could it use some more power? Sure, but can't every car? I don't know what else to say. The car is simply incredible. I think everyone should own one at one point in there life. Those that don't have no idea what they are missing. I still look at it and can't believe it is mine.